You have questions?

We have the answers…

Not at all! Our artist will guide you through your painting step-by-step in a way that anyone can paint. Even if you can only draw stick figures or don’t consider yourself “creative”.

Our public events are generally 18+ as they are held in bar locations. However we do have the occasional special event where the whole family can attend from age 8+

The ticket price covers your painting materials, Artist instructor, your canvas to take home and the venue. Private or other special events may include a drink, however this is only when specified.

Paint Chill has evening events and coffee morning events that run for different lengths of time. Evening events run for 2 hours with a short break half way through.

Coffee morning events run for 1 hour.

Event length can very slightly depending on the painting and the individuals speed.

Just bring yourself! All materials are provided for you.

We get that you may want to dress up as it is a night out in a bar after all. Aprons are provided but just be aware that if you do happen to get some paint on your clothing it may not come out. So maybe don’t wear your best frock.

We paint of course! We provide a relaxing, stress free environment for you to get your paint on with a little help of a tipple from the bar. Our Artist instructor will guide you step-by-step to create the painting of the evening. You can choose to follow along or go off script to paint your own thing.